Cabane à sucre, érablière dans Lanaudière

Maple Sugar Time


You want something new for Maple Sugar Time?

A very short walk from the ‘Auberge’ leads to Kevin’s Maple Sugar Cabin. The family’s son, Kevin, and his team boil the maple water to obtain a quality syrup. They use wood to heat the large boiler in order to evaporate the water and concentrate the sugar for a superb maple syrup.

A little further along, you will see the maple trees. This is where we collected the first maple water, on land rented from the crown, with trees that are 75 years old. These trees had never been tapped – we installed approximately 12 kilometres of tubing for a secure and safe tabbing of the maple water.

Our ‘Table d’hôte’ evening meal and the breakfast menu contain many maple treats. You will discover our maple products and you will also sweeten your taste buds.